Unearthed (2007) Review

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Unearthed… You May Dig This

Unearthed (2007): 7 out of 10 Unearthed has two strikes against it. The monster is an outright Alien rip-off complete with bad very CGI. They just would have been better off not showing it.

The other strike is for a film some seriously attractive actresses (Emmanuelle Vaugier, Beau Garrett, Miranda Bailey, Whitney Able, and heck even cute older Deborah Offner) there is no T and A. This seems silly for what is, in essence, an exploitation movie.

Outside of those faults, Unearthed is better than an average monster romp. The direction is tight and creative. The acting is professional across the board. Unearthed looks good, although it is too dark at times. The action scenes have some bite.

Anyone who has spent some time with the grade Z five guys vs. a cartoon monster on the Syfy Channel will appreciate an above-board effort.

Good gore and great action make Unearthed a worth watching. Just wish they explored the sexual tension between the twenty-something lady sheriff and the twenty-something lady scientist.

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