Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014) Review

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Wyrmwood?… Thyrmwood. 

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2014): 4 out of 10: What is wrong with Australian horror films lately. They used to be so good with movies like Wolf Creek or The Babadook recently though I have seen the nature gone wild/ killer dog genre completely flubbed by the narcoleptic The Pack and I have just suffered through the even worse and more childish Wyrmwood.

The premise of Wyrmwood (and no the name has nothing to do with the movie from all I can tell) is that a few extras still in costume from the latest Mad Max film ran off with a couple of vehicles and hired the backup zombies from a Michael Jackson’s Thriller revival stage show and decided to make a movie.

I am making up a plot because the movie could barely be bothered to provide one for me. (Meteors, people without A- blood become poorly dressed extras, man looking for his sister.) Seriously the film has no common sense. If A happens then B should be the result is a premise that seems utterly alien to the filmmakers.

The acting is okay considering how little they have to work with. The camera work tries to be all impressive but comes across like that guy at a party who keeps telling jokes over everyone’s conversations in the hopes someone will like him. If the plot were any more generic, it would have been sold at the dollar store with a poorly drawn copyright infringing cartoon character on its front.

Note to Australian filmmakers. Stop trying to be Peter Jackson. Also if you are going to go to all the trouble to rent camera equipment and hire actors why not write a story down and film that.

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