Xbox Game Pass Update January 16th 2020

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Tekken 7 and Children of Morta have arrived for Microsoft’s Game Pass for the Xbox One with Children of Morta also available on the PC. Of the two Tekken 7 is the real standout but I am willing to take Children of Morta for at least a spin,

Tekken 7

After an hour or so hands on with tekken 7 so far and I am really impressed. There are a ton of characters available an they really seem fun. There is also a good amount of customization and collecting available as well. While it doesn’t have the variety of costumes as say the Dead or Alive series it also doesn’t seem to have DOA or Mortal Kombat’s grinding either.

As for the story well our main protagonist Heihachi Mishima is back at is again. Heihachi Mishima makes Tywin Lannister look like Mike Brady. He has thrown his sons into volcanos and out of Space Shuttles and he is back at it again. Wikipedia has a breakdown of the plot if you want but be warned your reaction is more likely to be “is that what I was watching?: rather than “Oh that makes sense.”.

Tekken 7 is the best overall Tekken game I have played with plenty to do and plenty of customization no matter what your skill level. Highly recommended.

Children of Morta

I skipped Children of Morta last September. I am not a fan of pixelated graphics (and these seem particularly crude) and the reviews (Such as The Escapist’s three minute review below) were lukewarm.

Then I stumbled across Jim Sterling’s endorsement of the game (Also below) and he seemed to genuinely be enjoying himself.

One nice thing about game pass is it allows me to look past my prejudices and give games I would otherwise never try a decent spin.

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