A.D. Police Files 1-3 (1990) Review

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Two out of three ain’t bad

AD Police Files 1-3 (1990): 8 out of 10: Despite a third episode that is almost a scene for scene remake of RoboCop this is one of the sharpest anime around. 

Sexist and racist in that unconscious Japanese way with over the top violence and just a dash of nudity AD Police doesn’t fail to entertain. The first two tales are gripping and inventive if a little hard to follow (Character development is minimalist) with great moral arcs about the downfall of artificial parts and artificial people. 

The third episode is a letdown and quite skippable. Tons of action keeps AD Police moving even when the story seems to stall. It also fills the plots of the first two episodes with surprise and that delightful “I always wished someone would do that” feeling.

The animation is very well done with different styles, mixing it up to a great effect. At only 3 episodes, however, it left me wanting more. That’s usually a good sign.

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