Alice in Acidland (1969) review

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Alice in a bad porn reel

Alice in Acidland (1969): 2 out of 10: Filmed with only narration and a jazz soundtrack that sounds like a lot of bad smack was involved Alice in Acidland is your Daddy’s porn.

There is no acid per se in the first two-thirds of Alice, in fact, the girls become lesbian potheads with a few drinks of rum. This is basically an old black and white bump and grind shoot. It contains a fairly unattractive cast, pretentious narration, missing characters let alone scenes, mind-numbingly boring sex and a plot out of a C-grade Quincy episode. 

My favorite scene an unnamed girl in a group shot looks directly into the camera with a true deer in headlight stare gets her direction shouted at her does something for thirty seconds then forgets and stares at the camera again. 

1969 was a long time ago, and this was a one-off for most of the cast. So sit back and ask yourself one question. “Honey, The second lesbian isn’t that Mrs. Peterson from our church?”

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