Babe Vol. 1 (1994) #1 Review

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I Got You Babe

Babe Vol. 1 (1994) #1: 7 out of 10: John Byrne strikes again states the cover of Babe #1 and this is not false advertising. Byrne sets us up with an intriguing premise and a fantastic cliffhanger. While he does not hit the landing in issue four. (Byrne turned the explanation of what Babe is into one of those meta head scratchers like how everyone is supposed to be a battery in the Matrix films.)

The Good

The Good: Cover aside Babe has some very nice artwork. (As once can see below). It also has a nice collection of easily identifiable tropes that are slightly askew. It also has a banger of a cliffhanger that takes us right into the second issue (That is easily the best of the series.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: I will review the entirety of Babe (and Babe 2) in a future post of the collection Danger Unlimited TPB. Until then, enjoy some screen shots below. I am putting my individual comic book reviews on a hiatus (probably permanently) while I focus back on movies and books and some daily Stoic activities. I hope you have enjoyed this dip of my toe in this water.

The Danger Unlimited TPB that includes both Babe 1 and Babe 2 as well as the titular series.

The Cover

Babe Vol. 1 (1994) #1 Cover: 5 out of 10: you know for a comic that John Byrne was trying to claim was not She-Hulk starting with a fourth wall breaking meta description of The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli is a very She-Hulk thing to do. I am not a fan of Gary Cody’s work here. And I am partial to naked redheads on my comic book covers. Babe’s face just seems off to me. Still the strongest of the four comics in the initial miniseries.

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