Living a Zombie Dream (1996) Review

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Nightmare for Viewer

Living a Zombie Dream (1996): 1 out of 10: I know this kind of movie. We all do. That kid or two in high school who wanted to become a famous movie director and got some friends together to make a film. Raised some cash from local business and parents and showed their masterpiece in the local theater one Saturday night. One of the best documentary films ever made “American Movie” is about kids just like that. The difference is that those kids’s movie, after being viewed by friends and family, went into a trunk with the Boy Scout pictures and old report cards. This film was released on DVD.

The other difference is that those kids probably had more talent. A lot more talent. Living a Zombie Dream is a youthful (and not so youthful) embarrassment to all involved. The script is a mishmash that is almost completely without dialogue or logic. After hearing the “actors” line readings, one can at least understand why the director Todd Reynolds stayed away from actual conversation.

Instead, we have a soundtrack that sounds like something a World of Warcraft clan uses to promote its best battles on YouTube. The director also seems to be afraid of light. They bathe every scene in darkness, rendering any attempt to follow the wordless story even more difficult.

Also, a personal note to lead actor Amon Elsey; that’s not how you kiss a girl and the less said about the sex scenes or your haircut, the better.

So if you are related to director Todd Reynolds.,or own the house whose front yard Living a Zombie Dream was filmed in, I’m sure you have already seen it. Everyone else should stay very far away.

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