Io (2019) Review

March 22, 2020 Julian Kennedy 0

To boring to hate Io (2019): 3 out of 10: Pollution renders Earth virtually uninhabitable as the remaining population flees to Jupiter’s Moon Io. One […]

Doctor Strange (2016) Review

November 2, 2019 Julian Kennedy 0

It’s all the other wonderful stuff that makes the movie. Director Scott Derrickson isn’t afraid to let his imagination run wild everything from acid trips to body horror to Inception called and they want their movie back is featured.

The Mummy (1999) Review

May 21, 2019 Julian Kennedy 5

Better than you remember it? Yes, it still holds up, and it is better than I remember. A massive hit at the time I think it is often forgotten when we talk about iconic films from that era. Well worth the rewatch.