Android Apocalypse (Facing Extinction) (2006) Review

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It’s the end of the movie and I feel fine 

Android Apocalypse (Facing Extinction) (2006): 4 out of 10: Well, it did not make me want to poke my eyes out with a dull fork… so it has that going in its favor.

Dateline the future… Phoenix is a domed city surrounded by a horrifying wasteland. (Kind of like now) Humans are in short supply, so androids that look exactly like humans do most of the work. Our mullet-wearing racist (androidist?) hero loses his shoveling things job to an android. A few eighties flashback fistfights later and he finds himself on the run through the wasteland handcuffed to an android. (Joey Lawrence of Blossom of all people.)

The leads are actually good, and it is unusual for white trash to be a hero in these (or any) type of films. That is a nice change of pace. The story, on the other hand, is pretty awful. For example, the ending is so truncated they either ran out of money or forgot the whole apocalypse promise of the title.

While Lawrence does his best data impersonation, the other androids are all over the map. Many of them emote more than their human counterparts, while others are clearly the same five grips wearing facemasks.

The set design also needs work. The prison is an abandoned factory. The human headquarters is a glorified office park complete with fernage. (I was having Overdrawn at the Memory Bank flashbacks) In addition, items such as blankets with do not remove tags and Jeep Cherokees litter the film.

Overall, a decent if slow Sci-fi time waster. Just do not get your hopes up for an apocalypse.


Even the trailer is a cheap full screen fiasco.


Something tells me that the film was stretched from full screen to wide screen. If not, there are some “interesting” choices made by director Paul Ziller.

This is the deadly bad guy’s headquarters, not a dental office in an office park in Dallas.
Discount… Okay Dollar Store Kevin Spacey.
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