Lizard Baby (Watashi no akachan) (2004) Review

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Don’t lizard’s lay eggs? 

Lizard Baby (Watashi no akachan) (2004): 2 out of 10: Terrible special effects sink this otherwise pedestrian Japanese television effort. Part of a Hideshi Hino’s Theater of Horror series (Complete with overlong, pretentious opening credits) Lizard Baby tells the story of a television writer struggling to tell a horror story.

He eventually takes a cue from his pregnant wife’s ultrasound and writes a story of a woman giving birth to a frog monster. His own wife’s pregnancy follows the same tragic path with “ironic” results. The pacing is to be kind leisurely, and the frog babies quickly eliminate any possible scare factor in question.

The first one (Our writer’s imaginary story within the story frog baby) looks like a Kermit Muppet Baby and is about as frightening. I gave Lizard Baby a pass on this as I assumed the monster was purposely bad for comic effect. The second “real” lizard baby, however, isn’t much better resembling the baby dinosaur voiced by Kevin Clash from that 1991 TV series Dinosaurs. You remember it had that infectious catchphrase “It’s the Baby!”. Man I loved that show ….

Anyway, all possible dramatic tension is thrown out the window when this puppet makes its appearance. Spectacular special effects would not have saved either the too obvious by half script or point and shoot direction. Even the acting seems sub-par. A real waste of time for both horror fans and fans of Japanese movies.

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