Smoke and Flesh (1968) Review

Spread the love, no, no… DUDE

Smoke and Flesh (1968): 3 out of 10: Lets see a motorcycle gang that drives around in Mom’s station wagon, check. A gent with an actual motorcycle who buys his driving leathers at the bondage store and begins the film with a ten-minute ride in silence, check. Strip slot car racing and swinger porn complete with a man who could be a Star Trek alien no make-up required, yup check.

Why only 3 out of 10? Well, the music sounds like a mentally challenged beach band. The black and white cinematography is a little too creative, with lots of shots of fish tanks and slot racing cars. (They show an entire race.) The motorcycle/station wagon gang turns the movie from pseudo trippy party fun to a bit of a downer.

The first half of Smoke and Flesh is cool, albeit disjointed, the second half had me reaching for the fast-forward button.

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