The Sorority (2006) Review

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The Sorority (2006): 2 out of 10: Made for $700. Really, I can pretty much stop the review right there. It is an impressive feat to film anything for only $700, let alone a 101 minute full-length feature. (Yup that is $7 dollars a minute of finished film. Really someone should contact Guinness).

So why the hate with the two out of ten? Well, for one thing The Sorority greatly overstays its welcome with endless dialogue scenes. I could have cut a good forty minutes from the film and lost none of the story.

The cast by definition is amateur and while the leads are okay much of the supporting cast is painful to watch and listen to. The often pointless dialogue is of little help. If you can hold out for a while I expect the ten-minute chat with the main character and her guidance counselor will break you.

Another reason for the hate is I have a certain expectation when I rent a film called The Sorority featuring a coven of satanic witches. (You know topless hot chicks with pointy hats tying people up. Pillow fights. That kind of thing) This coven however resembles a satanic Weight Watchers meeting wearing catholic schoolgirl uniforms. Now I love catholic schoolgirl uniforms but I’m pretty sure most of the $700 was spent tracking down said outfits in a size 24. This is not a sorority of hot evil girls, this is a sorority of very delusional woman who look a little long in the tooth for community college. (What on earth is a community college doing with a sorority anyway?).

The main leads again are not horrible and the director Bodie Norton manages to keep the camera in focus and pointed in the right direction. (An impressive feat for a micro-budget film.) The Sorority simply isn’t fun on any level.

I’m impressed they made The Sorority for so little and I wish the few talented people involved good luck on future endeavors. But much like a four-year-old’s finger painting, only the parents of those involved should see this.

Screenshots and Video

As you can see from the trailer below and the screenshots above I have no actual screenshots for this movie. So I added some fun random shots from previous reviews. As always, I imagine someone looking up the film and wondering if it really stars Sharon Stone. Alas, it does not.

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