10 to Midnight (1983) Review

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Does anyone really know what time it is? 

10 to Midnight (1983): 8 out of 10: Wow, this was a pleasant surprise. Part cop/vigilante film (It is a Charles Bronson movie after all), part slasher film (With effective white creepy kid psycho Gene Davis) and part nudie film. (Everyone is naked even the killer. Though thankfully not Charles Bronson). 10 to Midnight works surprisingly well. (No film given zero stars by Ebert is all bad except Freddy got Fingered and The Life of David Gale.) If you want a library of exploitation classics, Ebert’s zero-star reviews are a very good place to start.

Ah a night at the movies

What Roger objected to is that the film is sleazy. Guess what it is. Yeah, I hate it when sleaze rears its ugly head in my otherwise fine exploitation movie. And this is a true exploitation movie. Naked nurses, naked serial killing and Charles Bronson doing a Mark Fuhrman with a vial of blood. Nothing puts a smile on my face faster.

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