Mystery Science Theater 3000 Ep. 604 Zombie Nightmare (1987) Review

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Zombie Nightmare… More like Canadian tax shelter Heavy Metal Nightmare 

Zombie Nightmare (1987): 2 out of 10: Zombie Nightmare is a late Eighties Heavy Metal Canadian Horror film, our old friend. Zombie Nightmare stars “musician” Jon Mikl Thor of the fine ensemble band Thor whose overlooked musical gem “Rebirth” is heavily featured on the soundtrack. Jon is a Herculean chap whose muscular endowment sadly overshadows his thespian gifts. He is killed by a group of teenagers in a hit and run and is resurrected by a voodoo princess to seek his revenge.

In zombie form, Thor resembles a confused mime, and the focus on the story quickly moves to the excellent detective work on display by top cop Adam West. West enters into character so profoundly as to hypnotize the audience with his sheer knowledge. He represents not just one man, but encompasses all Canadian law enforcement knowledge throughout the years.

Among the wayward teens is a young Tia Carrere, Tia shows both her mastery of acting as well as her skill of running without a bra that has served her so well throughout the years.

Ah hell, whom am I kidding? Zombie Nightmare is ten times worse than you imagine, and Manuska Rigaud’s performance as the Voodoo priestess is a hate crime in most countries. Only A braless Tia and her co-star, Linda Singer in a hot tub, prevent this from a 1 out of 10.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 version: 8 out of 10: MST3K, unsurprisingly, is the way to go. The riffing is very good though as the movie provides ample material for both Mike and the bots. The commercial breaks are also breezy and fun.

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