Sunshine Cleaning (2002) Review

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I’m Washing on Sunshine

Sunshine Cleaning: 7 out of 10: Sunshine cleaning is by the producers of Little Miss Sunshine. Despite that fact and that fact that Alan Arkin plays a similar role in both (What could easily be considered the Alan Arkin role by now) the film is very different in tone.

Sunshine Cleaning consists of two sisters who are behind in life because of their own choices. There are no “victims” here. These women (played very well by Amy Adams and Emily Blunt) have made some poor decisions in life and as a result are playing catch-up.

The movie (unlike Little Miss Sunshine) simply does not have a false note. All the people, places, and situations are remarkably believable. You will learn more about the do’s and don’ts of crime scene clean-up than you thought possible.

Sunshine Cleaning is also wonderfully free of cynicism and snarkiness. While both those elements certainly have a place in film, it is refreshing to see a warm comedy about real people in transitional circumstances.

Overall, Sunshine Cleaning is light fair with warm feelings and a happy ending. Kudos to the film in not making the protagonists perfect or victims of circumstance and kudos for casting two wonderful actresses that actually look and act like they could be actual sisters.


You know this is a really good cast. I mean it has Steve Zahn. I love Steve Zahn. What the hell happened to Steve Zahn.

It should come as no surprise that Sunshine Cleaning premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. A: This is exactly the kind of film that premiers at the Sundance Film Festival. and B: It has Robert Redford’s Daughter Amy in it. Talk about covering all your bases.

Yes, this is the same movie as the rest of these screenshots.
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