Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018) Review

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Hades? More purgatory than Hades, I am afraid.

Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018): 3 out of 10: Sylvester Stallone runs a firm that breaks people out of prison. After a job goes bad, the team breaks up only to be brought back together when a new secret prison, the titular Hades, threatens one of their own. 

The Good

The Good: Dave Bautista is fun for the three minutes he is in the movie. I also like the way the sets are a throwback to the Full Moon Features of the 1980s with all the neon and bad special effects. 

The Bad

The Bad: Dave Bautista is the only fun, interesting character in the movie. The way he has been arguing with Disney, we may see him in a lot more direct to video films like this. His loss is honestly our gain.

The movie Cube managed a much more effective future prison look on a much smaller budget twenty years ago. I found the sets and special effects hilariously bad. I am not sure the filmmakers really meant that.

The Ugly

The Ugly: To say this movie’s plot makes no sense is an understatement. The futuristic prison contains advanced technology (healing robots, virtual reality etc) that is certainly more profitable to market to the outside world than the current kidnap people and makes them fight so they will reveal the industrial secrets business plan. It is like one of those movies where the bad guy invents a ray gun that can control the weather and then used it to rob a bank.

In Conclusion

In Conclusion: The first Escape Plan isn’t that bad a movie. Why they thawed out Sylvester Stallone for this junk, I do not understand. This is one of those international co-productions meant for foreign audiences. This is not always a bad thing. Bloodrayne is an awful movie filled with international stars, but it is also a fun movie filled with sex, violence, and hammy acting. This honestly has no action, nudity or violence. Just a bunch of nobodies wandering around a set from 1980’s The Apple while some American stars pop in for glorified cameos. More purgatory than Hades, I am afraid.

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[…] Anything Else to add? The bad guys and honestly the movie wuss out at the end. You have a stadium filled with C4 and yet the final explosion looks like an old pensioner’s oxygen tank went off. Overall however Final Score is an enjoyable film and a nitpickers delight. Dave Bautista does need to find a character other than the guy who doesn’t get hurt when clearly he should though. He also needs a new agent. Escape Plan 3? Really? Dave, did you see Escape Plan 2? You know the one you were in? […]